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A word of introduction

Knowing the price of the real estate market in Mallemort, Lambesc and surroundings for a property requires several elements:
- Interpret the specific characteristics of the property (surface area, number of rooms, floor, etc.)
- Taking into account the environment of the property
- Long years of commercial experience in the area
- Knowledge of current requests and research for this type of property by buyers
- A comparison with other nearby properties

Performing an evaluation remotely or directly on an online form may result in an incorrect price. An overvalued real estate estimate will generally make you lose long months without any offer to purchase. An undervalued real estate appraisal accelerated the sale but to your detriment.

Only a study carried out on the spot makes it possible to precisely know the price of your property in all objectivity. Indeed many parameters intervene in addition to the "technical" characteristics such as the exact positioning and orientation, the necessary work, the distribution of the parts, the feelings of the negotiator in situation, state of the common parts etc. The market is heterogeneous and no two goods are identical. To ensure the best expertise, we take the time to come to your home.

The correct valuation of your property is fundamental because it is part of a global strategy in conjunction with our sales force, our promotion and advertising tools and the experience we have acquired in your sector.

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